About Us

Elegantflowers.ae offers  door-to-door flower delivery throughout the United Arab Emirates .We are a diversified group of companies doing floral business , today we expand to online shopping into an easy and quality experience to serve you well .
Elegantflowers believes in quality, service and 100% customer satisfaction. We promise our customers that every day we do our best to improve the quality of our products and our personal service towards you. As a team, we want to be proud of what we do every day and we want to be proud of our company.
Elegantflowers  started around 2007 and now has many thousands of satisfied customers who always like to order fresh flowers from us. But Elegantflowers enters the next phase in 2017, we are going to make Elegantflowers your company for all your personal gifts, not only for your flowers and plants. We think it is important that you only have to be at one company for all your gifts. We will make beautiful and unique products and deliver them throughout the United Arab Emirates.
You can expect us to go through the fire for you, we will do everything we can to be proud of our service, our products and you. We are proud if your recipient is proud of your gift.
We are Elegantflowers, your proud partner for all your gifts.